We at The Fog Munnar believe in co-existence. Munnar is a beautiful town and remains largely untouched. You will find nature at it’s best here and so, as we provide this service to showcase this very nature we also have to be responsible enough to ensure least damage. In building this property we tried to keep as much vegetation as we could, hence the green lawns and many a plants and trees brightening up The Fog Munnar. We use solar energy as a major source of electricity

Organic compost created from garden waste and food and is used on site. This is further mixed with local soil and other organic waste to create a rich organic soil.

The use of plastic has been brought down by a huge margin. Recycling of paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard is done by staff in all areas.

The Fog Munnar is one huge family as a part of being a community we have collaborated with a lot of local talents who are now a part of our team. Similarly regional art forms and locally produced products are always promoted.

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